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Chengdu universities’ Healthy Running Competition began in Southwest Jiaotong University
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In order to better implement the Party's eighteen session of the third plenary session on "strengthening physical education and extra-curricular exercise, promoting the physical and mental health of teenagers",and actively response to the League Central Committee, the National Union of students, the Ministry of education, the State Sports General Administration issued the "about carrying out the college students" down the network, out of the dormitory, to the playground "the theme of mass physical exercise and extra-curricular activities of the notice" to the call, on September 28, 2014 at 2:30 pm, Chengdu University Health Run tournament start ceremony kicked off at the Southwest Jiaotong University. The event is organized by the Communist Youth League Committee , Chengdu and Chengdu Federation sponsored Southwest Jiaotong University Communist Youth League Committee and Sports Ministry contractors , there are more than 1,000 students participate in this event .

At 2:30 pm, Chengdu Universities Healthy Running Championship ceremony began in the show students sports association of Southwest Jiaotong University performed, Southwest Jiaotong University Professor deputy party secretary Zhu Jianmei on behalf of the school after the speech, she mentioned "activities carried out in his speech, to present perennial curtilage in the student dormitory, live in the virtual space, addicted to the 'mobile phone control', 'micro-blog control', 'friends' of the college students, it is coming at just the median, the to." At the same time, "September 28th is the Confucius Confucius’ 2565th birthday, we take the population health run of form, after offering the sages, to commemorate the birthday of Confucius, China excellent traditional culture, carry forward the socialist core values with our practical actions successor, is a very meaningful matter." Municipal Party committee assistant deputy secretary Su Chengxiang group followed by the ebullience speech, he encouraged the young friends "down the network, out of the dormitory, to the playground, physical exercise, strong physique, lifted the 'after' boom in teachers and students."

Provincial Party committee secretary Ding Yun, the Ministry of the School Mission Mission municipal Schools Minister Zhao Yu gave the participants issued health run bracelet.

After the ceremony, more than 1000 of Chengdu Universities’ students began running around  Xipu campus for 3 kilometers.On the way, all the players watched the national flag raising ceremony.The student council president Wu Yanni on behalf of Southwest Jiaotong University students to the city students issued a "fight" enterprising, burning youth, make the socialism core value the concept of qualified practitioner of "Southwest Jiao Tong University" after the "activities" initiative, in the 65 birthday of our motherland is approaching, the students run the passion and struggle of the youth, together to greet the birthday of the motherland. In the run to Xipu campus south gate, all the players in the locomotive to listen to the Campus Ambassador on the outstanding contribution of history of the development of railway traffic China and Southwest Jiaotong University for this purpose, enhances the Southwest Jiaotong University Students patriotic love school honor.

At 4:00 pm,the healthy running ended with a warm atmosphere of the lucky draw,the participates in the activity said: contemporary college students are the hope of the nation and the future of the motherland, in addition to carefully study the scientific cultural knowledge, more need to have strong physique and hard skills actively participate in social practice. The great goal to achieve the next two "one hundred years", the young college students should not only be educated, but also to the physical body and mind Zhi Kang Jian, all-round development, to be worthy of great, have succeeded in carrying out an assignment

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