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“Cherishing Food and Rejecting Wasting”--A Proposal to the Fellow Students
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Dear students,

Did you once hear those stories about poverty told by the seniors?Did you watch 1942 and shed tears for our fellows who starved to death?Reportedly,the cost of food wasted per year by 1.3billion people is 200 billion yuan.The amount of the food thrown away amounts to the food of 0.2 billion people,which  is nearly to the one-tenth of the total production of our country.Meanwhile,starvation is No.1 killer of all human beings.There are 0.805billion people who are still in the swamp of starvation and every year there are 10 million people die of starvation.

We university students are always the pioneers of the time who shoulder the responsibility of carrying forward and developing the traditional virtue of our nation and the noble tasks of the core value of socailism.It’s our duty to respond for the call of the country and the world.Let us do it from ourselves and from trifles.

As the 34th World Food Day is comes,we propose that

Firstly,we should treasure the food,purchase food in a reasonable way,try to avoid unnecessary waste;

Secondly,we should be guilty of wasting food and be proud of cherishing food;

Thirdly,we should let friends and classmates aware of the phenomenon and decrease such kind of waste;

Fourthly,we should spread the idea of treasuring food to the family members,relatives and our friends;

Fifthly,we should participate in the activity positively and form the good habit of cherishing food;

“Cherishing food and not being waste”should not be a slogan ,but be an action as well as a kind of positive energy.

Let us do it from ourselves and make a contribution to the world!


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