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The 14th Period Training Class of the Youth League Committee of the Southwest Jiaotong University in
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The Youth League Committee of each school,


In order to thoroughly implement the partys spirit,further strengthen our constraction of the basic organizations and cadres team and continuously enhance the comprehensive quality and professional level of student cadres, the Youth League Committee of Southwest Jiaotong University decide to hold the 14th training class. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows.


1. Training object: 2014 freshmen secretary of the Youth League Branch


2.Training time: Oct, 2014 Nov,2014.


3.Training content:


(1)Theoretical part:The Youth League Committee work practice,campus cultural activities and the growth of the students,learn to sing the National Anthem,League song and the school song,college students volunteer service and psychological construction of  the cadre group,ect.


(2) Practical part:To practice the "socialist core values" as the theme to carry out practical activities, forms including voluntary service, social investigation and symposium.


4.Training requirements:the Youth League Committee of every schools should organize the application and guide all participants fill in the basic information, and send the statistical table of students in a school to the 112058565@qq.com on 20th,Oct (Monday) before closing time.

Contact Number:Liu Shuang, 66368448.



Training list of xxxschool


The Youth League Committee of Southwest Jiaotong University



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