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Cadre List of the Youth Volunteer Association of the Southwest Jiaotong University
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Dear Students,


Through individual application, cadre from 19 schools voting and interview of teachers, the next batch of cadre of Southwest Jiaotong University Youth Volunteer Association has turned up. The results are as follows.


1.Appointing Ju Yongfeng as the president of the council. Ju Yongfeng, male, students from 2011 electronic information science and Technology Institute of physics, served as executive director of the school of the Youth Volunteer Association.


2.Appointing Luo Dan as director is responsible for the activities of the Department daily work. Luo Dan, female, art and Communication College of Chinese language and literature majors of grade 2012 students, was the president of the College of communication and art youth volunteer association.


3.Appointing Zhang Ni as director, be responsible for the examination of routine work. Zhang Ni, female, students in grade 2012 of Japanese foreign language school, was the president of the College of foreign language, young volunteers association.


4.Appointing Li Linxiao as director, responsible for daily office work and propaganda work. Li Linxiao, female, students in grade 2012 of traffic information and control engineering specialty information institute, was the president of the College of information, youth volunteer association.


5.Appointing Ge Wanteng as director and be responsible for post practice for routine work. Ge Wanteng, male, students in grade 2012 of Applied Physics Institute of physics, the former president of Institute of physics of young volunteers association.


6.Appointing Xu Xiao as director, also serves as the Southwest Jiao Tong University comprehensive emergency volunteer service team captaincy emergency corps, responsible for daily work. Xu Xiao, male, students in grade 2012 Landscape Architectural Design Institute of architecture, a former Building College Young Volunteers Association chairman.


If there are any objections to the information above, please in October 14, 2014 -10 month 16 days working time (9:00-17:00) to the Xipu campus of a dining room six office building 601 to Zheng Yuan teachers reflect, telephone 66367148, during the public Anonymous reflection will not be accepted.


the Youth League Committee of Southwest Jiaotong University


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