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The 5th Lectures of Young Marxist Training Project Carried Out Successfully
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The 5th elite class of Young Marxist Training Project carried out smoothly in the counselors’ home at Xipu campus in the evening of Oct.21st,2014. This lecture invited Wang Peng from School of Politics to share her knowledge and insights on Marxism.


The main research direction of Miss Wang is the chinization of Marxism, history of the Communist Party of China and Chinese modern history. She published many academic papers in Research of Mao Tse-tung Thought,Academic Exploration and other publications of academic papers.Besides, as one of the main members of class and national teaching team for the national resource sharing,she participate two national social science fund project and two provincial scientific research project and was invited to participate in the the first training class of the national college youth of Marxism in 2013.


On the lecture, Miss Wang firstly introduced the basic situation of the first national college youth of Marxism training class she participated in 2013, and shared her harvest when studying in Mount.Jingang.She said, although the training class was only a week long, but her harvest is much.


Combined what she learned in training class with her own research direction,Miss Wang tells her understanding and comprehension of Marxism in the following three aspects.


Firstly,ideal and belief is a kind of strength. American futurist Alvin Toffler think power has three basic forms: violence, wealth and knowledge. Miss Wang said ideal and belief is also one important form of the power. She cites Tan Sitong and Peng Pai two Chinese modern historical celebrities, and talked about their strength based on faith. Tan Sitong insisted on the restoration because he faith in the reform and was indifferent to life and death.Peng Pai gave his own produce possessions to people because he faith in Marxism.


Secondly, it is about the temperature of Marxism.Miss Wang talked about the necessity of Marxism combined with her research project.She believes that the reason for which excellent intellectuals in China choose Marxism is that Marxism suits Chinese society. She takes the history from the point of view of China is badly in need of the "prescription", the feasibility of Chinese society at that time the emergence of various doctrine - "alternative prescription", from the Marx doctrine, the agent "prescription", symptomatic treatment to clarify China's development is the inevitable choice of the Marxism.


Last but not least, she said that the Marxism is to be born within heart so it will be explicit in one’s behaviours. She shared her own understanding of Marxism course with the students.Miss Wang said firstly she learned Marxism because of her major.After learning it,she began to feel the temperature of Marxism and began yearn for it in the depth of her heart. She encouraged students to feel the charm of Marxism.She said that she yearned for it so she take actions and she hope the students can put it in their deep heart and be explicit in their behaviours.

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