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The Practice of Carrying out the Socialist Core Values to Study for a Month
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The Practice of Carrying out the Socialist Core Values to Study for a Month


Every Youth League Committee of Schools and dear students,


To study and implement the 18th CPC Congress and 18 sessions thoroughly three, the Fourth Plenary Session and General Secretary Xi Jinping the series important speech, further carried out central "about Cultivating And Fulfilling Socialism Core value Opinion" with "about in Various Schools that Ministry of Education and Youth Corps Central Committee jointly issued Impels To cultivate And Fulfill Socialism Core value Long-term mechanism Construction the Opinion" spirit, closely linked to my school young reality, demonstrated to eagerly anticipate, practice to foster and so on through the education propaganda, eagerly anticipated and unites the school youth league member with the socialism core value, let the socialism core value internalize Yu Xin, outside to melt Yu Xing in the school youth league member diligently, school Youth Corps Committee decides 2014In November determined that for the socialism core value study practice month, concentrates to develop one in the school youth league member thoroughly time, the comprehensive socialism core value study practice. Informs specifically as follows.


1.Activity time

November, 2014



1.)holds “socialism core value” series public lecture to take the youth rostrum as the carrier, the invitation school inside and outside well-known scholars does the related report on a special topic for the broad numbers of CYL-member youths. Series report arrangement as follows (for details sees playbill notice specifically)








Yu Dahua

The Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1894 and its historical experiece


Liaoning Normal University Professor, doctoral tutor. Engaged in the research of the history of late Qing Dynasty, Chinese modern thought and culture history. Since 2008, CCTV hired as "100 forum" column speaker.


Xiang Zhongmin

The socialist core value view Chinese under traditional culture view

In mid November

The Minister of the Propaganda Department of the Party committee, director of the Southwest Jiao Tong University press center, vice president of Sichuan Province, the research university teachers ideological and political education PhD, associate research fellow. The main research direction for the philosophy of culture and the ideological and political education.


Yue Xuanxi

Patriotism and


Chinese Dream


National hero Yue Fei sun thirtieth, Chinese people's Liberation Army major general. He served in the Henan provincial military and Political Committee, deputy director of the Political Department of Ji'nan military region and the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection in the Justice Department discipline inspection team leader, group members and other staff. The current Chinese Legal Aid Foundation president, Chinese Legal Culture Research Association and the Chinese Poetry Academy advisor, Professor of Southwest Jiao Tong University.


Xue Qiliang

Interpretation of socialist core values


A former director of the general office of the Central Propaganda Department, "party building" magazine editor in chief, the first Peking University graduate chairman. The current Secretary of the Propaganda Department of Party committee members, Lao Gan Ju, Professor of Southwest Jiao Tong University.


Feng Xiaojuan


In late November

Vice president, Mianyang Federation of literary and art circles Chinese Writers Association members. Author of "stubborn", "the eye in the imagination," complete "," Beichuan "we Chuanjun Speechless" etc.. Two times won the prize for literature Sichuan province.


Zhou Wenzhong

Great power diplomacy and the socialist core values

In mid December

The eleven session of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, former Vice Minister of Ministry of foreign Chinese in original American embassy, ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary. Deputy director of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the current twelve member of CPPCC Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, Secretary of the Boao forum for Asia, long.


2)to carry out the "socialist core values" theme community activities


For the spirit to in-depth study and implement the party's eighteen big, the Third Plenary Session of the eighteen General Secretary Xi Jinping and a series of important speech, leading the school youth with socialist core values, actively constructing the learning type, service type, creative type of grassroots organizations, will be facing the school league branch to carry out the "socialist core values" theme community activities in 2014 in early October -12 month. Call Mission branch closely around the "prosperity, democracy, civilization, harmony, freedom, equality, justice, rule of law, patriotism, dedication, honesty, friendliness" theme, carried out various forms, rich and colorful community activities, efforts to make the socialist core values into the youth learning life and the spiritual world.


3)held in 2014 "public traffic," volunteer service Quaternary activity


To further strengthen the grass-roots organization of volunteer service work function, stimulate the vitality of grassroots organizations, to create a "my dedication, my happiness, my progress" volunteer service atmosphere in the school students, guide the students to actively cultivate in volunteer service activities and practice the socialist core values, will be facing the school undergraduate and postgraduate League branch in 2014 to carry out a "public traffic," volunteer service activities in 2014 October -12 month season.


4)"I was to carry out the socialist core values endorsement" activities


In order to guide broad member youth to begin from me, starts from the minor matter, and actively carry out the socialist core values, will focus on a "me to the core values of the Socialist Youth League members speak" activities in the school in 2014 November. Advocacy activities will speak through various new media platform online and elegant demeanour display form, activities and other forms of communication line combined with outstanding spokesman share, "I set off for the core values of the Socialist Upsurge in the endorsement" among young people.


5)held the "age of faith show" the four seasons -- the socialist core values of special


In order to promote the broad member youth in the form of lively, content rich activities consciously cultivating socialist core values, will hold the "age of faith show" the four seasons -- the socialist core values of special event in 2014 November, by inviting outside the school famous experts and scholars, celebrities or student favorite young student representative, cross age stage dialogue with the members of the Communist Youth League, to share the experience and the feeling of learning and practicing the socialist core values.


6)2014 to carry out "move Jiaotong University" student news character selection activities


Through the broad member Youth Award in recognition of the concept in the aspects of outstanding students represented in the practice of socialist core values, select typical tree, education and guide the broad masses of Youth League members actively to the advanced character line, to create a good atmosphere of learning advanced, when in the school, will be facing the school Youth League members to carry out 2014 "move Jiaotong University Students" character selection activities in 2014 November -12 months.


7)to carry out the "one or two - Nine" to commemorate the moving singing activities


To commemorate the 79 anniversary of the one or two / nine Anti Japanese national salvation movement, vigorously carry forward the socialist core values, learning in the nation from peril period of our young students strong responsibility consciousness and valuable to the country and the people, feelings, will be facing the school league branch to carry out the "Chang Xiangqing spring dream" as the theme of the "79 anniversary commemoration of one or two / nine" movement chorus competition in 2014 November, and performed on December 9th, held the same day to report to my voice, Jiaotong University Young Students of the interpretation of the responsibility of youth, chant the great motherland, common temper endeavour.


8)held a "talk about the core values of the youth positive energy" learning campaign


To strengthen the Youth League, general secretary of the party's eighteen big, eighteen session of the third and fourth plenary session of the Party Central Committee and Xi Jinping a series of important speech spirit, and theoretical study and publicity of socialist core values is carried out, the extensive mining, propaganda and the typical character of moving deeds and the spirit of the flash points of light, Jiaotong University Youth media all media center will be in 2014 November to "University thinking", "Youth Daily" and other media university as the carrier, the line combination, held a "talk about the core values of the youth positive energy" learning campaign, launched a series of theoretical study, focus on, interviews and other columns and activities.


3.Activity requirement


Cultivating and practicing the core values of socialism is the strategic task of advancing the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is the soul of Chinese dream, condensate gas gathering strong foundation and foundation engineering. Youth are the future of the motherland and the hope of the nation, the youth stage is the key period for the formation of value. Organizations at all levels, grass-roots group organization must attach great importance to seriously in accordance with this plan, carefully organize activities, mobilize and guide the broad member youth to participate in the study and practice the socialist core values of a series of activities to ensure that activities, achieved good results.


The Youth League Committee of Southwest Jiaotong University

November 1st, 2014.

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