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Notice about Holding the Commendation Congress of the Social Practice in the Summer Vacation in 2014
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The branches of Youth League Committee and practical teams,


The social practice in the summer vacation in 2014 of the Southwest Jiaotong University has finished. The theme of this year's social practice activity is patriotism and practice, the students  participated in observation and service experience received education,increase their abilities and made some contributions.To summarize our school this year's practice of social work, in recognition of outstanding teams and individuls,the Youth League Committee decided to hold a summary commendation congress recently.The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:


1.       Time:On 13th Nov. 2014. (Thursday) 16:00

2.       Place:The  1st Dining Hall,3rd floor in Xipu Campus.

3.       Requirements:

a. Please sit according to the seating plan (see below), 20 minutes ahead of time to make students seated.

b.Please expand propaganda and encourage low grade students cadres to learn on spot.




Seating Plan


Leaders and honored guests                                Leader s and honored guests

Excellent guide teachers representatives                                 seats for media

Excellent practical teams representatives                  School of Mechanical Engineering

Excellent individual representatives                   School of Transportation and Logistics

School of Civil Engineering                                School of Electrical Engineering

School of Arts and Communication                            School of Foreign Languages

Mao Yisheng Honors College            School of Geosciences and Environmental Engineering

School of Architecture                       School of Information Science and Technology

School of Public Administration                       School of Mechanics and Engineering

School of Mathematics                      Psychological Research and Counseling Center

School of economics and management                          School of Political Science

School of Materials Science and Engineering                                       Staff

School of Physical Science and Technology

School of Life Science and Engineering





The Youth League Committee

11th Nov.2014

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