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Notice about Holding the 79th Anniversary Commemoration of the December 9th Movement
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Notice about holding a singing contest and performance to commemorate the 79th anniversary of the December 9th Movement.


The secondary Youth League Committees,

To commemorate the 79th anniversary of the December 9th Movement, vigorously carry forward the socialist core values, and learn in the nation from peril period of our young students strong responsibility consciousness and valuable to the country and the people,the Youth League Committee of Southwest Jiaotong University will carried out chorus competition to commemorate the movement in November,2014 and hold a performance on December 9th to  explain the responsibility of youth and chant the great motherland.Specific notices are as follows.


1.       Theme

Enjoy the youth and realize our dreams.

2.       How to anticipant

Take part in the competition as the branch of Youth League Committee.

3.       Time Management

On 16th,Nov.  Application.

On 20th,Nov.  Chorus Competition.

On 9th,Dec.   Give the performance.

4.       Rules and regulations.

a.Every Youth League Committee of Schools should hold the inside competition and choose one branch Committee to take part in it.

b.Requirements of the participant

1_Each group should be made up of 2030 people.

2_The groups should sing the songs concluded in the required tracks.

3_The groups are encouraged to diversify the forms of performance,and based on the chorus,they can add singing-together,recital and so on.Besides,people should wear uniforms and looks tidy and decent.

5.       Awards

One First Prize,university certificate,bonus 1500 yuan.

Two Second Prize,university certificate,bonus 1000 yuan.

Three Third Prize, university certificate, bonus 800 yuan.

One Stage performance award, university certificate, bonus 500 yuan.

One Best creativity award, university certificate, bonus 500 yuan.

6.       Other Aspects

Please each Committee within the time specified in the relevant information reported to the student union of Southwest Jiao Tong University. If an unknown matters, please contact the school committee.

Contact with Kong Weiqi

Tel: 18699445788



The required tracks of the competition.



The Youth League Committee

3rd Nov. 2014.


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