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The Cadres and Counselors of Youth League Committee’s Special Training has Carried out Smoothly.
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In order to further strengthen the team construction of our college cadres, counselors, enhance the overall quality of the work of student cadre contingent, to learn more about feeling "firm faith, work hard and perseveringly, seek truth from facts, daring to take new road, the spirit of Jinggangshan rely on the masses, who dares wins", further enhance the ability and level of our university cadres, counselors work ideological and political education of college students, the Southwest Jiao Tong University group cadre, a counselor for 32 people, in November 11th to 15 in 5 days of special training in the national youth education base in Jinggangshan.


The afternoon of November 11th, training class was held the opening ceremony in the National Youth Jinggangshan traditional revolutionary education base, Southwest Jiao Tong University Youth Corps Committee Secretary Zhu Jiansong, National Youth Jinggangshan traditional revolutionary education base and training director Lu Yan to attend the opening ceremony. During the ceremony, Lu Yan to Jinggangshan and education base was introduced, and explained the training course arrangement and training. Zhu Jiansong put forward "to learn seriously, strengthen exchanges, strict discipline" requirement to participate in the training of students, hope all students to cherish the opportunity to learn something.


The training course for 5 days, the content of the training includes ritual education, field teaching, lectures, interactive teaching, experience teaching and scenario simulation in various teaching links. In the base under the guidance of teacher, students first simulate the Sanwan reorganization renovation company, in the company is divided into three classes, the election of a company, the cadres in the class and the formation of the soldiers Committee, has laid the organizational foundation for the subsequent training activities. All the students went to the adaptation, the Jinggangshan cemetery of revolutionary martyrs memorial of the heroic revolutionary Jinggangshan, visited the museum, the revolutionary Jinggangshan Ciping town revolutionary site group, the Red Army Hospital, slim slim Red Army martyrs tomb, Da Jing Zhu Mao's former residence, Maoping octagonal building site, the Hunan Jiangxi border a Party Congress site, site of the battle Yangjie revolutionary memorial sites listen to the Party School of the CPC Central Committee, the party history department professor Huang Shaoqun will struggle with the spirit of Jinggangshan "Jinggangshan", Jiangsu province enterprise group working committee secretary Comrade Zhu Lieling speaker "on the new period work of the Communist Youth League Art skills" two lectures, watch the big traditional revolutionary education live performance of "Jinggangshan", and with Yuan Wencai, Wang Zuo, Ceng Zhi and other revolutionary predecessors descendants face-to-face communication, listening to the martyrs offspring understanding and comprehension of the revolution, the Republic of the top leadership learning go out from Jinggangshan sent their children to stay in Jinggangshan farm, a body and clean, not only for the privilege, the revolution and the construction of the motherland's moving deeds. In the experience of teaching link, the students still in a red dress, Chongzou Zhu Mao and pick up food trail, taking class as a unit to the old farmer investigation, since lunch, experience the hard work of the Jinggangshan revolutionary spirit.


After the training, the students wrote learning experience, they have said that through this training, faith, purify the mind, experience to have weight, blood and tears, vivid historical temperature exists, to have a more profound understanding and more solid in Jinggangshan hard revolution, the revolutionary martyrs of the arduous struggle spirit, the future will to a stronger sense of responsibility and mission wholeheartedly will sway the vigor and wisdom to work.

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