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Eagle Eye Technology Achieved Great Success in the Second Pixian Youth Entrepreneurship Competition.
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In 27th November, 2014, the second session of the Pixian  youth entrepreneurship competition was held at the Chengdu University of Information Technology School of hotel administration of Ginkgo biloba.Students of our university entrepreneurial team Eagle Eye technology won the second prize in college group.


This competition was held by the Pixian human resources and Social Security Bureau, the Communist Youth League Pixian Committee, Pixian Federation of industry and Commerce jointly sponsored by the Chengdu University of Information Technology School of hotel management to undertake, Ginkgo biloba, naming Sichuan Xin Industrial Company limited. Is for the purpose of through this platform, with the aid of the game entrepreneurial experience to share, and entrepreneurial depth exchanges, to help Venture Company fast building connections, open the potential business opportunities, enhance the media exposure and investment opportunities. In the final total from Southwest Jiaotong University, Sichuan University, Xihua University and other electronic science, 12 university excellent team and 6 outstanding social team. The final step was held in Chengdu University of Information Technology School of hotel administration of Ginkgo biloba by ppt show the respondent, each team has 10 minutes project display and 5 minutes Q & a time, the organizing committee has organized the expert review group of players show the first project evaluation, and then through the interaction of defense mode, comprehensive performance assessment team selected, according to the final score sorting once selected, all kinds of awards. The judges are excellent party chairman of Chengdu equity investment in Human Resources News deputy editor in chief Wang Yan, Guan Ming, Ju Wei international investment director Zhang Hao, Ezawa Gao Peng of general manager of world venture capital, Chengdu honesty education general manager Yang Huaping, Chengdu No. 8 Platform founder Chen Yu, Chengdu No. 8 Platform Project director Yu Xuedong.


After a day’s fierce competition,Eagle Eye Technology in our university made up of Duan Ruizhi, Huang Yushun, Sun Jiaoyang are recognized by many professors and gave an excellent performance in the final and eventually won second prize in college group.

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