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Tang Lixin scholarship New Year Forum was Successfully Held
作者: Zheng Yuan   发布时间:2015/1/11     访问次数:9019  

On January 4, 2014 at 3:00 pm, Southwest Jiao Tong University Tang Lixin scholarship symposium held in the multifunctional hall in Jinghu hotel. Is still a new investment group director Mr. Jiang Ning, Mr. Liu Chenghong, deputy director of Southwest Jiaotong University School Youth Corps Committee Secretary Zhu Jiansong and 60 Tang Lixin scholarship to attend the symposium. Forum chaired by the Deputy Secretary of the school Cao Qiao.

At the beginning of the forum, Secretary of the school Zhu Jiansong published speech, in his speech,he express ed enthusiastic congratulation to the 60 Tang Lixin scholarship winner, hoping they could carry forward the "cultivate talents to rejuvenate the Chinese nation, unremitting self-improvement" of university spirit, work hard, dare to innovate, and grow into a first-class academic level, and cultivate the spirit of innovation and social responsibility talent. Next, deputy director Mr. Liu Chenghong said to the scholarship introduced 1SS enjoy a club's organizational structure and theme activities, encouraged the active participation of students to enjoy the scene of club activities, adhering to the "learning, innovation, mutual share," the purpose of training, and achieve self- growing. In director's encouragement, participating students were Club backbone cover, students were statement, expressed himself to the club work conception, by the vote of teachers and students, Wu Yanni, Liu Siqing, Yan Lei, Cheng Hong, Huang Jiacong showed their themselves. when the selected 1SS enjoy a club backbone of Southwest Jiaotong University branch. School Youth Corps Committee Secretary Zhu Jiansong as the club instructor.
At 5:30, the forum ended , 1SS enjoy a club of Southwest Jiaotong University segments as the Southwest Jiaotong University Tang Lixin scholarship organizations', the continuous innovation and development will inspire outstanding students here have more chances to communicate with each other. 

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