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The Announcement about the Collection of the Name and Logo of the “Reading Classics”
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All the teachers and students:
In January 1, 2014, the school launched 96 classic recommended books.This year, the school has gradually carried out activities around the classic reading , essay,and other series of activities, in "4 .23 world reading day", "9 . 28 Confucius commemoration day" held a series of theme activities and was loved by the vast number of teachers and students . In order to further promote the classics reading activities, to create a more thick atmosphere to the school, the school plans to construct the "classic reading website", in order to create a classic reading atmosphere. We carry out "solicitation classic website logo" reading. Now the activities of the content and requirements are notified as follows:

One, name and logo design requirements

1 .The name should reflect the "classic reading" ‘s purpose and theme, distinctive features, which should have the sense of the times

2 .Logo should have creative ideas, and the composition should be simple and easy to remember.
3 .Pattern should be clear, bright color, rich beauty

4 The applicant must provide a brief creative text

5The entries should be original works.If  copyright disputes and other legal issues happen, the applicant should take the responsibility.

Two, submitted standard

1 Entries are required to submit an electronic works and two paper copies of works (must be the color of the original manuscript)

2 The work should be printed on A4 size paper, without framed, but at the time of submission can not be folded

3 Electronic file precision is not allowed to be lower than 300dpi, the storage format for the JPEG

Three, submission

1 Electronic works by mail to tuanwei@swjtu.edu.cn mail, entitled: the name of the web site and logo design classic reading, mail contents include personal information name of author, Institute, contact.

2 Paper works submitted to Southwest Jiao Tong University in the school office (a dining room six building 601)

Four, Submission deadline
1.submission deadline: January 15, 2015

2.works review date: January 16, 2015 - January 30, 2015

Five, awards
1.the first prize of 2000 yuan; second prize RMB 1200; third prize RMB 800;
The organizer has the right to the use of 2 winning entries, which can be used for the publicity, and the author can no longer pay royalties;
3 prize winner can further participate in the web design and the pay will be discussed.

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