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The Specific Interview of the Volunteers Recruited for 9th Paralymipic Games went fluently
作者:樊治辰   发布时间:2015/3/22     访问次数:8791  

 The part of the event of 2015 Ninth National Paralympic Games and the sixth Special Olympics (hereinafter referred to as the ninth Paralympics and the sixth Special Olympics) will be held in May ,June, and September in stadium of Jinniu District of Chengdu and Qingyang District.To ensure the well-going of the volutary works, our school Communist Youth League began to recruit volunteers which was opened to the whole school in 9th,March.

The recruitment received warm response among teachers and students.By March 17th, 640 copies of the application forms were received totally . In order to select outstanding volunteers who can represent the style of our school, the Communist Youth League held volunteers interview in March 19th  in the College Students Innovation Center (i.e. three dining room on the third floor) in Xipu campus.

The interview was divided into four fields, each planning to interview 160 students with 10 students as a group, for an interview to group as the unit, the interview team consists of two teachers and one director.  Teacher attending the interview were  Deputy Secretary of the school Cao Qiao, director of the office of the Communist Youth League of Jinniu District Sun Can, the director of the teenager-training department of Communist Youth League of Jinniu District Pu Yuwei, the teacher of the Communist Youth League school  Zheng Yuan, deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League  of Yichuan department Lu Jinlong , Information Institute Youth Corps Committee Deputy Secretary Mo XiaoBo .

As to observe the capacity of adapting the changes and of expression, the interview group unanimously  design the rule"each group,ten minutes;those who firstly answer the question right can get the score.”  Facing the questions related to matters interview the Paralympic Games and the Special Olympics and large-scale competition volunteer service skills etiquette detail questions, volunteers to answer. Some students said he  concerned the issue of persons with disabilities, wanting to do some contributions to the the disabled; some students talked about their participation in Michelin challenge Bibendum, international robot contest, some games and other large events in volunteering experience.Freshman said that although their participation in extracurricular activities was not that colorful, he still hoped to grasp the opportunity to exercise themselves and accumulating experience; more students lively demonstrate self-study sign language. The enthusiasm of volunteers and rich experience let Sun Can ,the director of the Jinniu District Office of the Communist Youth League say: "the students are more capability than me in the college years.They can bear hardship, have self-confidence and dare to express themselves. "

At five thirty in the afternoon, after 3.5 hours of intense interview, interview group selected 200 outstanding volunteers to participate in the Ninth National Paralympic Games and the sixth Special Olympics athletic field who will offer service in the in the actual scene. Then, the volunteer will be jointly trained in specific topic held by school, the Youth Volunteer Association, Jinniu District Youth League, Qingyang District Youth League organizations We believe that the volunteers will dedicate themselves in the ninth Paralympics and the sixth Special Olympics with professional attitudes!

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