Saturday, 18 November 2017
The Communist Youth League Introduction

The Southwest Jiaotong University (SWJTU) , one of the earliest institutions of higher education in modern times, known as “The cradle of Chinese railway engineers” and “East Cornell” , was founded in 1896. Nowadays, SWJTU has developed into a multiversity with a focus on engineering and with development of multi-disciplinary, covering engineering, science, management, economics, liberal arts, law, and other subjects. Included in the “211 Projects” and the “985 Feature Project”, SWJTU is a national key university with a graduate school.

Communist Youth League in Southwest Jiaotong University has glorious tradition. Our school has established the league Organization back to 1923. In 90 years with wind and rain during all the journey, our Communist Youth League abides by the “hold the flag high and go with the party”, carries forward “imparting cultural heritage to the industry of traffic and transportation” awarded many times by the Youth League and the Sichuan provinces, which makes great contributions to the school. 

Communist Youth League in SWJTU in twenty-first century, adheres to the history and forges ahead, according to the “Two people” requirements and sticking to “eyes down and center of gravity down”. We would tightly enclose the fundamental of the morality education and complement the New Youth quality development project; pay close attention to the basic foundation, deepen the ideological guidance and service and build the second class education, training and evaluation in scientific and efficient way. Using innovation as advantage and services promote development. We spare our effect to form Communist Youth League pattern with our characters, improve the organization “service for the central school work and youngsters” continuously.