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National Flag Class reverence for the martyrs
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April 5, 2014, Qing Ming Festival, the sky tears, and rain wet
flowers surrounded in front of the tomb.

National Flag Class from Southwest Jiaotong
University With mourning and reverence for the martyrs, was ready to Chengdu to
martyrs’ park to sweep grave. Leaves was so green that it looked like to drip
the color, pine liked an serious old man without a word, martyrs’s park revealed
a solemn atmosphere. National Flag Class arrived at martyr’s park, quickly
lined up , marching in step towards revolutionary martyr monument .

National Flag Class approached to the
golden People Hero Monument, and the wall with green trees stood next to the
monument and kept accompany with died martyrs by sights
of four seasons.year after year. Flowers and elegiac couplets were
neatly put under the grave, conveying the grief from people all over the
country. Two national defense students carrying wreaths walked ahead, and the
remaining national defense students came into two rows, following the first
two. They solemnly stood, took off their cap, and bowed their heads in silence.
Three minutes of silent mourning just liked a period of silent dialogue or a
persistent oath. Next, Lin Jie, the monitor of National Flag Class led others
to swear an oath with passion. One year later, in front of the Martyrs
Mausoleum, National defense students relived the oath and they cannot help
thinking something. Cheng Peng said: "This activity made me feel unusual,
so I deeply felt life is not easy, and was proud of myself because I am a paramilitary

Behind the monument, there was a solemn martyr
memorial. The classical old song My
Motherland was played faintly in the museum. National defense students were
scattered freely to visit the heroic deeds of the martyrs and photographs.
Through the old black and white photos on the wall, national defense students saw
a more vivid image of martyrs than color photos showed. During the visit, a
number of national defense students stood for a long time in front of the
sculptures of revolutionaries. The silence spoke that their gaze conveyed a
deep reverence and nostalgia.

Coming out of Martyrs Memorial, we came
cross the martyr tomb. Students went through each tombstone, despite the rain
soaked hair, sometimes they bowed heads in silence, sometimes bended to looked the
life story of the martyrs, and sometimes put the feverfew neatly.

When the clock knocked to 11:30, memorial activity
formally ended. National Flag Class students as paramilitary soldiers who
shouldered homeland defense mission agreed that thanks to these martyrs who
sacrificed for the country and cost their own life to exchange for a happy life
of contemporary people, as the country's reserve army, they will set martyrs as
an example ,and show their loyalty to the people and party , finally devote
their entire life to the motherland .