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High-speed Rail culture torch relaying activity after nearly 4 months came to end recently
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Launched by the Students from Southwest Jiaotong University, "China dream ,Gao Tie Dream Cheng cai Dream
",” High-speed Rail culture torch relaying activity after nearly 4
months came to end recently.

Since October 2013, Premier Li Keqiang promoted Chinese High-speed Rail in the
different countries, High-speed
Rail together with manned space flight, manned deep submergence, moon
landing project, super computer, Beidou satellite has become a brilliant diplomatic
card for republic country, and become the symbolic achievement of
innovative country.

In such a special historical period, as the
technology giant of Chinese rail
transportationand and the cradle
of talents, Southwest JiaoTong
University assumed the mission of prompting “ High-speed
Rail out-going". In December 14, 2013,"Chinese High-speed Rail out-going strategy forum" held in Southwest JiaoTong University, all participants issued a "Declaration of Chengdu”.

In order to show responsibility of
our students, all students of Southwest JiaoTong University published "Chinese High-speed Rail out-going Southwest JiaoTong University students declaration", and held a starting ceremony for "China dream Gao Tie Dream Cheng cai Dream " High-speed Rail culture torch relaying activity. In the 17, Dec 2013, the graduate
school will officially launched the torch relaying activities online.

Followed the spirit of low carbon principle, and combined with the characteristics of networked social of contemporary
college students, we choose to relay the torch online. In order
to expand activity influence and call for the contemporary college students to pay
more attention to the development of Chinese High-speed Rail , to understand High-speed
Rail, and to propaganda High-speed Rail, making “China dream ,Gao Tie Dream Cheng cai Dream” with High-speed Rai l culture torch extend to distant
dream and every student's heart in the Internet. Graduate Student Union invited the other colleges and universities to
forward through micro-blog, and use original way to join the torch
relaying activity. Online torch relaying activity took a total of nearly 4 months, receiving
praises and forwarding from total 70 colleges and universities, which included not only the five Jiaotong Universities which were from the same origin, also included enthusiastic attention and forwarding from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhejiang University  Sichuan University and many
other well-known universities. 

When the torch relaying activity ended, and torch returned to Southwest Jiaotong University, the route of torch’s traveling the
colleges and universities formed a shape of heart precisely. This heart, on behalf of innocence heart, spurred Jiaotong
University students to climb the peak furiously
with youthful enthusiasm and wisdom wings.