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Olympic Champions Visit Southwest Jiaotong University
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 “ The Olympic champions visit Southwest Jiaotong University!” For a time,this news that the National Women Table Tennis team will visit SWJTU spreads throughout the whole campus. Within Several days, the news has been reprinted many times through micro-blog, micro message, RenRen and QQ message. We can see the students’worship of the Olympic Champions and passion for the table tennis form the long row for the tickets.
  At 7;30pm, April 17th, the second match of the simulation game performs on the stadium in Southwest Jiaotong University, Xipu campus. The team taking part in games are home team and visiting team from the National Women Table Tennis team. Both sides play four single matches, and the winner wins three games out of five.
  At 7:00pm, all seats are occupied and athletes do warm-up exercise in the field. At 7:30pm, with the thunderous applause, the game starts.
  With Strong and vigorous pace, precise shot, athletes sweating run the court. The ball beyond all expectations and the smash cheers all the spectators. Wisdom and strength blend perfectly on the pitch. Victory cry, mistakes sign, vitality and passion fill the whole stadium. After three exciting games, home team have a big score victory (3:0) and with 3:1 in each game.
  In three games, the second is perfect. The powerful player Liu Pei versus Chen Meng who is good at chopping. Sometimes table tennis  whirls on both sides, swifts forward, hits the dead corner, and sometimes it whirls lightly, landing by surprise. Chen Men’s vigorous smashes win applause and Liu Pei’s long-distant chop win all cheers.
  In addition to the brilliant games, the players also bring their unique gift-signature table tennis. Each match ended means the moment of handing out table tennis. The spectators jump off the seat, hand up highly and fight for the ball, which is a hot scene.
  At 9:30pm, the match ended successfully.

  To be honest, there are no shortcuts to be an Olympic Champion. With knowledge, confidence and persistence, one can achieve his dream. Give our best withes to the National Women Table Tennis team and may they win the matches.