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Third “We Talk”-supporting education, where to carry out smoothly
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  At 19:00 on April 13th, 2014, the third “We Talk”( micro classroom) hosted by the Youth League and undertaken by the Federation Association held in X2434. The speaker is Zhao Hong the president of poor area education aid association. The thesis is supporting education, where to carry out smoothly. And all the students present are yearning for assistance.
  At first, Zhao Hong showed the pictures of supporting educations during 2012-2013 summer holidays in Daofu county of Ganzi autonomy. Pictures reflect the poor education condition and hard life in the remote mountains. All the audiences were shocked when Zhao Hong displayed an exam, owing to the limited classroom and desks, all students had to take the exam under the burning sun in the playground using their seats as tables. “Limited teaching facilities and weaken sense of education are severe problem faced by education career. How to use the power of our contemporary college students and start with small things, in order to change contemporary condition, is what we should do.”
  After showing pictures, Zhao Hong discussed “the purpose of the college students to participate in teaching", “Who is the beneficial owner-students in remote mountains or the college students?”,“The effect of supporting education”, “The public opinions of college students’ supporting education” and so on with all audiences. When comes to “Who is the beneficial owner-students in remote mountains or the college students?” and “The public opinions of college students’ supporting education”, many students has published their opinions. Although different people hold different ideas, everyone believes that we should both exercise ourselves and help others to do supporting education. Use our truth and power to change poor education in remote areas rather that for utilitarian purposes.
  Finally, Zhao Hong shared with feelings after talking with a passenger when he came back. The passenger asked: “Has you gone to a volunteer teacher for half a year?” Zhao Hong replied: “No, about twenty days.” The passenger asked: “Do you think it makes sense?” After thinking several moment, Zhao Hong answered:“I do not know its true value, but it is the first step to know where is a problem. In this way, we can know how to help them rather than just saying the shortcoming of the short-time supporting education.” Indeed, the practice is the sole criterion for testing truth. Only putting the ideal and belief into practice can we help and change these children’s future. In the meanwhile, Zhao Hong also talked about the insufficiency of short-term teaching and developed some suggestion about “ supporting education on summer vacations” , calling for more warmhearted students to join in this big family so as to help these children in the remote mountains.

  Next We Talk, we would like to talk introduce the summer internship abroad experience and hope the students interested in this topic can take an active part in.