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Study Hard for Achieving Chinese Dream
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Dear schoolmates,

Chinese Dream is Chinese nation’s greatest dream,based on Chinese people’s long-cherished wishes,reflecting their anticipations and inspiring young generations set,chase and realize their dreams.Chinese youths are the chasers and builders of Chinese Dream,and they should take their responsibilities and duties.They should regard study as their primary tasks,a spiritual pursuit and a life style,struggling hard for our country’s dream ,our nation’s dream and their individual dreams and adding young energy to the great revival of Chinese nation.


Looking back upon the history,the sages of past and recent times created stories about diligence and thinking like study diligently and learning the new by restudying the old,talents and learning for practical purpose like reading ten thousand books and traveling ten thousand miles,ideal calling on dream-chasers and dream-builders.Young generations should take learning as path towards growing up and progress,practice as ways to improve skills and become talents for great use and the undertaking of great responsibilities,realizing their young dreams during the process towards Chinese Dream.Therefore ,we propose our fellow students in the following aspects.


First,attach full importance to study.Faced with the rapid changes of our times,if we don’t study,consistently study or deeply study,we will far fall behind others,failing to burden our historical missions gifted.Knowledge can not only offer us power,but also security and happiness.We should insistently furnish our mind with new knowledge,enlarge our knowledge,and cultivate our sentiments.We also should achieve a well-round development of ourselves and lead a study-oriented life.


Second, take a good attitude towards studying.We should take a calm mind,rid of pride and impatience.We should be practical,and spare no efforts.Then we should forge ahead,blazing new trials.Keep a clear head and sense of urgency in studying, correct your study attitude strengthen your will of learning.During the process,and conquer fickleness.Try to transform the studying process into a process to elevate your mental ground,a process to learn new skills ,to strengthen them.


Third,take reasonable studying methods.Enrich your learning contents,widen your knowledge scope,promote your comprehensive qualities and combine liberal education and your professional education.Be good at thinking and conclusion,and often reflect on your learning process ,learning from the experience and mistakes.We should learn to apply the knowledge and through studying explore the truth and new knowledge .Through studying ,furnish ourselves and our qualities.Through studying,sharpen our behaviors and build up our skills.


Dear schoolmates,let’s study hard.Let’s regard study as friends and make friends due to study,the same goal.Be a rich-minded person,a one with high qualities and high morales.


Dear schoolmates,let’s study hard!Let’s correct your behaviors and learn in a wide range.Don’t be fearful by any difficulties.Don’t be confused by any interactions .And don’t be induced by any mundane desires.


Dear schoolmates,let’s study hard!Live on the basis of studying,cherish every minute of your college life and bravely burden your responsibilities.Set a high goal in your life and try to achieve it insistently.


Fulfill Chinese dream,youths burden it bravely.Study hard for the Chinese Dream.,it’s our duty,our mental encouragement!


Board of Student Union in Southwest Jiaotong University

April 21st,2014