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Send books and love to Lushan
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After the social practical activity to Lushan middle school in the 2013 winter vacation, the flag class in Southwest Jiaotong University went to there again, on Lushan earthquake anniversary, with 10 sets of elegant literature bought by the Youth League and the best wishes from all the teachers and students.

At 10:00 am on April 18th , the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Lushan middle school library began, the Southwest Jiaotong University flag class sent the first branch of books together with the wishes and expectations from teachers and students to them. In the following conversazione, Li Ninghui introduced the history, basic condition, superior professions in Southwest Jiaotong University and the study, life of national defense students. Then, Zheng Yuanfa communicated with the students who would take the college entrance examination and imparted his experience. The atmosphere was exciting and warm. In the end of the activity, many students toke pictures with members in the flag class, reluctant to leave.

In the returning, Xu Jihao said:“ viewing back these tour, I realized that the reconstruction of Lushan is a long-term and arduous task. Although the individual power is limited, We students in Southwest Jiaotong University will try our best to help those in material as well as in spirit, hoping the prosperous future for Lushan.