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View Chinese Dream through the Junction of Social Progress
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The lecture,themed View Chinese Dream through the Junction of Social Progress,was held at the No.2 Lecture Hall of the Library in Southwest Jiaotong University,Xipu.The lecture was given by Huang Yong,the director of the News Center of the Communist Youth League,an editorial board member of China Youth Daily and a senior reporter.Wang Xinxin,the deputy secretary of The School League Committee and a reporter of Chengdu Branch of China Youth Daily also attended this lecture.

After the 18th CPC National Congress,Chinese President Xi Jinping formally put forward the notion of Chinese Dream,and regarded it as important guiding ideology and concept of governance.When it comes to Chinese Dream,everyone must be very familiar with and exited about it,but at the same time ,we are also confused:Will Chinese Dream come true?What’s the distance between us and so-called Chinese Dream?Director Huang Yong hoped to make some simple pectination for college students in terms of a social observer and help students make more true and rational judgments of Chinese Dream.

What’s the kind of Chinese Dream?After the 18th CPC National Congress,President Xi elaborated on What Chinese Dream meant at the Press Conference “seven mores”.And the general description of Chinese Dream is core values of socialism,our country being prosperous and strong ,democratic civilized and harmonious,our society full of freedom,equality,justice and rule of law and individuals being patriotic ,hard-working,honest and friendly.Director Huang furnished the fundamental conception of Chinese Dream in terms of economy,politics,,culture,military and social construction respectively.

Next,Director Huang analyzed the present Chinese situation in several angles,letting students make deep understanding .China does n’t apply one-party monopoly,but carry out multiple coexistence.China’s leadership system is central community leadership system,insisting the existence of several system of organization ,systems,and systems of ownership and the diverse development of patterns of regional development and public opinion.The development process of Chinese society is n’t slow but full of continuous points of inflection towards its process path.Through several events,Director Huang wanted us to see Chinese society’s focus on citizen’s personal freedom,the essence of the fundamental rights gifted by constitution, the withdraw of the death penalty review, the abolishment of Housing System ,Reeducation through labor system, not accepting the evidence got by extortive confession, the anti-graft campaign and so on. He wished students to feel the essential social progress from the junction of social development. Political System Reform isn’t stagnant ,it having made essential progress .From the complete abolishment of  life-long tenure of leading cadres, orderly transition of political power ,a wide range of public support and so on ,we can see the progress of Chinese modern political civilization.

But at the same time ,our country is faced with challenges ,including the transformation of Communist Party of China from revolutionary political party to governing party ,from one - party dictatorship to the interest dealer of several major communities ,the reform of the grass-roots democratic election system ,problem that the dividing line between the rule of man and the rule of law is n’ t clear and so on. Director Huang concluded the path towards Chinese Dream is full of hope and challenges, opportunities and crisis and at the same time, it has a solid development basis, a large trend effect room, clear questions with clear solutions .He added that there were n’t  internal and external conditions for major historical transforms, the mode of  the Dissolution of the Soviet Union not existing.

Finally,Director Huang mentioned a sentence quoted by Former American President

Kennedy,“Don’t ask what your country can do for you ,ask what you can do for your country.”All youths should make it as encouragement and inspiration.Even though we may encounter hard part of society,we should have such mind and responsibility.