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The May 4th Movement ninety-five anniversary
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At 14:00 in April 30th,  The May 4th Movement ninety-five anniversary and

the work of the Communist Youth League in recognition of the General Assembly in 2013 were held in students activity center in Xipu campus in

Southwest Jiaotong University.Vice secretary of school Party committee Zhu Jianmei attended the meeting and made a speech.

Conference began with the national anthem. Secretary of the school League committee Zhu Jiansong read “Southwest Jiao Tong University annual work conference in recognition of the decision in the 2013”. The conference awarded school May 4th red flag Youth League and the create units in 2013 annual, “top ten”demonstration Mission branch, “top ten” Student Union and Graduate Union and “Zi Qiang” scholarship winners.

During this period,May 4th red flag Youth League representatives brought wonderful performance- “running the Communist Youth League,2013”, performed in a humorous form, which showed the work of Youth League Communist in 2013 annual. President Jin Qian in Graduate Union(SWJTU) represented the Student Union and Graduate Union read the proposal“to achieve China dream and study hard” and appeared for all the students

to learn as a ladder,to practice as a way,having the courage to play, studying hard in order to achieve China dream. Students Miao Zixuan, “top ten”president majored in law in 2011 and “Si Qiang”scholarship owner

Li Jinlong majored in Transportation and logistics in 2011 delivered a speech respectively and shared their own experiences.

Finally, Zhu Jianmei on behalf of the school party greeted all  in May 4th and congratulated the perfect teams and personals. She reviewed briefly the achievements of the school work of the Communist Youth League and put forward her wishes to all the members of the Communist Youth League combined with May 4th spirit. She said “ May 4th is synonymous with full of patriotic enthusiasm and passion of the magnificent youth, is beliefs; full of dream and courage, is the temper character; full of the self-improvement, is brave and responsible. She hoped that the members of the Communist Youth League would study hard, look up at the starry sky,

stand on solid ground,develop skills, create innovation and work hard. Additionally, she promoted the requirements on the strengthening the construction of grassroots organizations and the implementation of the second class upgrade construction.

The responsible persons of Party committee office, organization department, propaganda department,the school of the League Youth Committee, Graduate School, office of academic affairs,office of students,office of enrollment and employment attended the meeting.