Monday, 20 November 2017
The bulletin of the approval information of “Transportation and Publi Service.”
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Dear fellow sub-youth league commitment,

Projects of 76 groups were approved after being recommended and censored.Now related responsible person are required to hold the activities according to the schemes and finish all the activities in time.Now several things as below should be paid attention to.

Firstly,the principle of approving the activities is that projects which were not finished or with potential dangers weren’t approved;projects of the same topic and same pattern weren’t all approved except the best one.

Secondly,after the complement of activities,every college will be reimbursed.Notes:reimbursement tickets should follow the requirements of summer voluntary activities.Please submit the reimbursement tickets before 15th,December.All the reimbursement will be finished before 20th,December.

If you have any other questions,please contact Zheng Yuan,the teacher of Youth League.Tel:66367148

                                         Youth League of SWJTU


Attachment:Approval formats of “Transportation and Public Service”