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The Announcement about the recruitment of LOGO for Celebrating 120th Anniversary of SWJTU
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After a long tough journey,with the spirit of never giving up,in 2016, Southwest Jiao Tong University will celebrate her 120th birthday.Hereby,we begin to recruit LOGO from school fellows around the world.

1.Recruitment contents:

The identification will be placed as the LOGO of 120th  anniversary on the home page,printed in publications and souvenirs and used in the related celebrations.

2.Requirements of the recruitment:

1, The LOGO should highlight the 120 anniversary themed by "humanities, academic, inheritance"  and match the slogan "meeting the double cycle of sixty years and realizing dreams of SWJTU ".
2, The design should be creative, concise , lively, vivid, harmonious and beautiful, and have strong visual attraction and can be easily identified.
3, the submitted works must be the original works and not published before and shall not be copied;
4,While the designer submit the electronic manuscript submission, please specify name, author, and information of contacting person.Before submitting,please leave the original version individually.

Awards’ setting

First,second, third prize and excellent prize along with great awards are set.

Form of recruitment
1, deadline : April 15, 2015

2, mailbox :120xqb@swjtu.edu.cn

3, Tel: +86-28-66366098

4, contacting person: Xue Jing
The office of the celebration of the School Committee

Youth League of the Communist Party
March 10, 2015