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Notice of reception——Home for the holiday with a good book
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Taking a good book to return home for Spring Festival, and feel the edification of Chinese culture and foreign culture. Youth New Media  jointed Student Association named "Book Club", moving around Southwest Jiaotong University Reading Classics list (2015), held the activity of  "awarding outstanding individuals who enjoy in books " which is a part of series activities of "Home for the holiday with a good book".

The way of participation:

Select one book from all the 96 recommended books, and write reading experience. Your reading experience should be between 2500 words to 3000 words. Please send your reading experience by email on March 27(Friday ) to the Organizing Committee (tuanwei@swjtu.edu.cn).Please indicate author's name ,college ,contact .

This activity will elect one for the first prize, two for the second prize, three for the third prize and several for the attending award. Then, we will  award trophy which is worth 100 RMB to 1000 RMB and also school-level certificates. Welcome to take an active part in our activities .

Teachers who in charge of Reading Classics Activity in each colleges ,please recommend the outstanding article (30% of total articles )to our mailbox.

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                                   Book Club

                                   In March 17, 2015