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The Announcement of Defense of 14th "Yang Hua Cup" extracurricular Academic And Scientific Programm
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Dear fellow organizations and youth:

In order to lead and encourage students in our university to admire science,seek for truth,study diligently,work with creativity,face the challenge bravely and prepare for the 14th Extracurricular Academic Competition,the Youth League will hold defenses.All the participants will be grouped to carry on the defense,Contents as followed

 will be announced:

Time for the defense:14:00-16:30,2nd,April,2015

Place for the defense:Third floor of the third dining hall(University students 'career building

Process for the defense:

1.Introduction of the programme(6 min)

2.Question answering by the judges(4 min)

Arrangement for the grouping:

Please see the attachment


1.For the fairness of the defense,please donnot conclude any information about major or other type in the defense.

2.Please make full preparations before the defense and adjust the state of the production to be the best.Meanwhile,please prepare PPT.Production about academic paper should be with PPT

3.The order of the defense will be in the casual way.Please contact Mr.Fan if any pre-adjustment about the production needed to be made.The order will be rearranged depending on the live situation.

4.If you have any problem,please contact Mr.Fan of Youth League.


Every student of Youth League is expected to come and study!


The arrangement of the defense of 14th“Yang Hua Cup”Extracurricular Academic And Scientific Programme.