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The 45th Youth Forum And The Lecture Given By Jiang Wenli
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The Unforgettable Kinship of Thirty Years And The Arousing of love and Inheritance

At 7:00 p.m.,on 13th September,2014,Wenli Jiang,the famous actress,director and the scriptwriter was invited to give students a lecture about her experience and feelings about love and kinship.Ju Jianmei,the deputy secretory of Party committee also attended the lecture.

Zhu Jianmei,the deputy secretory of Communist Party met Jiang Wenli and sent her gifts on behalf of the school.At 19:00, All seats of the dining room on the third floo rare occupied . The film LAN directed by Jiang Wenli ,was broadcast at the beginning of the forum.When the film ended,Jiang Wenli said she was inspired by her childhood experience about living with her grandfather.Besides,she also decided to write her own biography--GRANDFATHER.She hoped that she could show her life experience to students and told everyone that no one could live without childhood,which was the most important.

Then,Jiang Wenli shared what she learned from undertaking public welfare.She thought it was being educated by her grandfather that she was passionate about undertaking public welfare.She would did what her grandfather told her---to be a kind person.

When answering questions about the conversion of roles in life,she said we should keep innocent and fervent about work.We should focus on the present time,but not vague and intangible things.She also suggested that students shouldn’t separate different subjects and students should learn comprehensively and learn something about liberal arts.

At the ending,Jiang Wenli wrote an inscription for the Youth Forum.”I wish SWJT,the centennial university could be more prosperous and cultivate more excellent students.”

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