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Campus Ambassador and Freshman Orientation Program participated in the new students’ reception.
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    This year,Southwest Jiaotong University has launched Freshman Orientation ProgramFOP,systematically designing the whole welcome activity as well as enrollment education, making new students enjoy the process of enrollment as far as possible.Based on the volunteering work,Campus Ambassador of Southwest Jiaotong University has successfully established the Wechat platform.Also,ambassadors have showed new students from 5 schools around the campus,making great contributions to the FOP.


    The creative sign of Freshman Orientation Program is FOP:1NN=20+X.1N means the university should always focus on students.All for the students and for all the students,which mainly reflects in the 20 programs set by university and X optional programs set by each schools,helping new students begin their campus life and get used to it.


    In order to make students know about the sight spots in campus more conveniently,feel the cultural atmosphere and get used to the campus life quickly, the Wechat platform of Campus Ambassador will send messages about the history of the university,activities and some big news to the users at regular intervals.As the Wechat platform was gradually improved,the digital campus-introducing system has been built.You can search what you want by key words and two-dimension code.The introductions of spots are designed as websites or pieces of information on the platform so as students can search them at any time.What’s more, Campus Ambassador later will make the links of introductions into two-dimension codes and stick them near the spots in order that students can scan them and get some information and interactive experience.Based on the GPS technology and audio self-help service,the ultimate aim of digital campus-introducing system is to make visitors enjoy the digital and intelligent campus and personalized service.


    Campus Ambassadors also joined in the reception of new students.From Sep.6th to 8th , Campus Ambassadors respecticvely showed about 300 new graduate students from School of Mechanical Engineering around Jiuli campus and about 650 new graduate students from School of Life Science and Engineering,School of Political Science,School of Foreign Languages and School of Geosciences and Environmental Engineering around Xipu campus.


Campus Ambassador is introducing the university history to the new students of School of Life Science and Engineering in Sep.6th.


Campus Ambassador is showing the new students of School of Foreign Languages around the campus in Sep.7th.


    The campus-visiting maked new undergraduates feel the long history and profound cultural background of the university for the first time,greatly helping them know about the campus and get used to the campus life.Standing by the famous Wall in the first picture,campus ambassadors sang the school song for the new students,many of which sang together with them cheerfully.


    After a series of welcome activities,campus ambassadors will serve the whole faculty and students as they always do, carring on the tradition,promoting campus culture and building a brand new cultural area in Southwest Jiaotong     University.To be the inheritor as well as disseminator of campus culture,from this semester,Campus Ambassador is going to provide all-around service for students on the 12th of each month,which is set as the Campus Ambassador’s Volunteering Day.



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