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Southwest Jiaotong University Campus Ambassadors Openning Day for the Introduction of Campus
作者:樊治辰   发布时间:2014/10/21     访问次数:7790  

First,this activity is open for all the students for ambassdors to lead the students to visit the campus. Ambassadors popularize school school to all the students love, campus culture, campus landscape architecture knowledge, help students understand the 100 years development of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, enhanced each Jiaotong University master consciousness, trying to build a more humane Campus - the connection between students. Activity of selected monthly 18 morning when 09:06 began to play, to commemorate the 1896 birth of our school, Campus Ambassador hoped that through this activity, will 118 years "cultivate talents to rejuvenate the Chinese nation, transfer self-reliance" spirit to every student! (this activity with characteristics of social practice, the characteristics of the weekend league branch activity of the combination, as an important basis for outstanding class).


Second, object oriented: all teachers and students (undergraduate, master's and doctoral students).


Third, the way to participate: 1 registration: according to the bottom of the page mode application, specify the number of participation, school, department name (encourages the class management people to sign up for the unit of class collective, expanding the scope of activities, enhance cohesion), also please enrolled students must ensure on time to participate in activities, places are limited, thank cooperation; 2 after successful registration, in accordance with the mission formally notified the time set in the designated place to wait for events begin, participate in activities records and complete the activities can be; 3 encourages each participant in a social platform with the official interaction, recording the event, promotion of Jiaotong University Culture start me from you. (Campus Ambassador delegation official micro Bo immediately opened topic explain on #1896 campus # please actively and we participate in interactive activities, share photos, write down the experience and @ Southwest Jiaotong University Campus ambassadors)


fourth, enrolment: 1, SMS registration: please send text messages to the following students (indicating the name, professional, student number, the number of activities other information) Chen Tongxue: 18781980052 car students: 184821884232, scan two-dimensional code concern micro letter our platform (SWJTUCA), input "to explain the day" in the text box, according to the requirements of the application.

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