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The Youth League Committee Held the Commendation Congress of Summer Social Practice.
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The Southwest Jiaotong University 2014 Commendation Congress of Summer Social Practice was held at the Xipu campus on November 13, 2014 at 4:00 pm. Conference summarized on the practice through the exhibition,sharing and praised excellent individuals and teams in the practice of social work.


Social practice is an important way to cultivate college students. In this year's summer "three to the countryside" social practice activities, our school a total of 215 projects "three to the countryside" project, one of 95 key projects, and general project 120, a total of 1263 students involved, with the sweat of youth to "cultivate talents to rejuvenate the Chinese nation, the spirit of unremitting self-improvement" Jiaotong University has made the most meaningful annotations. The majority of students to participate in observation and service experience as the main content, study around the support High-speed Rail service development, social construction, post disaster reconstruction, care of left-behind children, Thanksgiving to his alma mater propaganda Jiaotong University and other aspects to carry out various forms, colorful social practice activities, through the social practice to cultivate and practice the socialist core values, improve their ideological and moral qualities and the ability of innovation and practice, but also made a positive contribution to society, to get the local and social affirmation and recognition. Especially my school "High-speed Rail going out" to Africa social practice team active docking High-speed Rail going out strategy, shows NCTU students responsibility, to win Africa countries and people respect my school; School of civil engineering in Jinggangshan summer social practice team of high quality to complete the "old Red Army in Jinggangshan spirit and the realistic significance of the topic," won the National College Students' summer season best practice practice special action team award.


On the meeting, deputy secretary of the school committee of teacher Liao Jun read "Southwest Jiao Tong University two / one four years college summer social practice" three to the countryside "in recognition of the decision", awarded the "high iron out" go to Africa to social practice group and 19 team of excellent practice team title, awarded the title of outstanding teachers such as Liao Fan 31 teacher, grant Zhang Ni 196 excellent students practice individual title, and held a grand ceremony. In summary commendation meeting, representatives of outstanding practice team performances and video data with different characteristics show teams and practical results for the audience, teachers and students arrived at the scene by the infection, often burst into warm applause. School Youth Corps Committee Secretary Zhu Jiansong gave a warm speech. He hoped that the students actively participate in social practice, broad, to test in practice the science, improve skills, in practice growth talent and dedication to society, to cultivate in practice and the practice of socialist core values, make their own professional talent at the same time in the cast in the spirit of human society, trying to make a "Five" Jiaotong University people. At the same time, he also asked all cadres to further play the role of education practice, good planning, organization, carry out good social practice activities, mobilize the students to participate in social practice, and strive to create conditions and build a platform for students to carry out social practice, and strive to make the social practice project coverage to all students, practice effect to all students. Let the students grow up in the experience of social practice in talent adult. He called on the youth to act together, let the youth experience, flash in the struggle in practice, with outstanding achievements to greet the congress victory is held.


Summary commendation congress volunteers in the "love because moving in my heart" concluded. We are convinced that with the joint efforts of teachers and students, the next year summer "three rural areas of" social practice activities will be more exciting.


The activities won lots of concern and supports.Su Xiaohua of secretary of Party committee and Party Committee organ teacher student work minister Hao Liaogang teacher, enrollment and employment office deputy director Huo Yamin teacher, Dean of Graduate School of teaching practice of coco Long Wei Feifei teachers and Research on comprehensive ban Tian Yang teachers attended the summary commendation congress, and awarded the trophy to the representaties.

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